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Waste Not, Want Not - Ecologically inspired outdoor design pieces.

As we were finishing the floor in my foyer, I realized that I had a lot of extra tile. After the frustration of realizing I bought too much of the tile that I adored, I starting thinking of other places I could put it. I searched every little accent moment in my house but there was not a perfect spot. I thought, what I really need are outdoor side tables.

I have spent the last couple of years searching and searching for the right outdoor furniture. I even exhausted my contract furniture sources around the country. Outdoor furniture is typically extremely expensive, not made in the US and often basic in color and mood.

I picked up a piece of cardboard box off the floor and started sketching an idea for an outdoor table that uses tile…leftover upcycled tile! This tile was porcelain, frost-friendly and perfect for outdoor.

After we made the tables and a coffee table with my beloved leftover tile, I had the idea to collect leftover tile from other people that did not want to throw away their tile.

One of my designer friends met me at her back shed and we filled up my trunk with cobwebbed boxes. I also listed an add on the “nextdoor” app to anyone wanting to get rid of their leftover tiles from a home project that they were not going to use. I went to FOUR strangers’ houses and collected the goods. I also went to a big box tile store and allowed myself to purchase tile that was on the clearance rack or under $3 SF that met the outdoor criteria.

These little tables put a smile on customers' faces everytime they set down a drink. Each table is perfect to arrange and rearrange for the home designer who can't stop resetting a space. Remember, not only are these tables built to withstand the elements with grace and beauty, they are made from upcycled tile.

Visit Tables | PaulaProduct to see the current inventory.


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