One of the greatest challenges property owners and managers face is providing and maintaining vibrant, continuously evolving and inviting spaces that elevate a guest’s experience. The most successful properties include customer experience as their number one goal—offering unique shopping, entertainment, and cultural experiences. Paula’s broad expertise in high traffic commercial spaces, astute vision, and ingenuity are the strengths she employs when choreographing guest experiences. She offers her clients specific solutions that not only push design boundaries and trends, but also provides them with pragmatic budget-conscious steps to achieve their goals.

“Paula is an amazing professional who brings all the skills, expertise and passion to creating inventive interiors and product designs. It was indeed a great pleasure working with Paula as an Associate Principal at tvsdesign as part of the Tysons Galleria re-development project team. Paula’s ability to interpret client desires into physical realities is quite impressive. Her unique outlook on visioning interior environments would be an asset to any team that wants to create a functional, beautiful and original space for their project.” 

Mark DeCapri, AIA
Vice President, Planning and Design

Development at Brookfield Properties


Charette/Brainstorm Session

Bring Paula to the table when you need quick and inciteful ideas to go after a coveted project.  Utilizing years of RFP experience let us collaborate to uncover the real needs from your future client and deliver a message that addresses it.

Mixed Use Development Design  

With years of experience planning, developing and designing complicated projects with many moving parts…. I know that it’s easy to lose the  project “soul".  Often deals are made that prohibit achieving the full potential of a harmonious development.  A champion that enforces the design thinking and guardrails within the organization is a must and it is a crucial element for all deals. From site orientation, lobby of the parking deck, to the rooftop view we can work together to choreograph the experience desired and set the guardrails to ensure strong design direction.

Retail Design

Whether your need a concept for a stand-alone store or a renovation of a retail shopping center, paulaproduct is here to help imagine, propose, and create steps to arrive at your ultimate design goal. Would you like to evaluate your common mall area and make it an UNCOMMON mall area?  Would you like to tear down an existing mall anchor and develop a new offering for the community?  Would you like to rebrand your store and its entire personality?  If you said yes to any of those … I’m here for it and this is my specialty!

Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Cultural Art

We can collaborate and create places where people want to be!  You've come to the right place for fresh ideas and new thoughts!  We can create a space that hits all the high notes from the initial concepts to a finished idea.  Most likely guests will tell someone, “You have to go there!”

POST 2020 Design

Need a plan for social distancing and hand sanitizer stations?  Let's help you rethink the meaning of the building and how it can aid the 2021 transformed worker to do more with less, efficiently, and enjoyably.

Exterior Design

Does your building need a facelift or a simple tweak?  Let paulaproduct take your façade and generate multiple ideas that work with what you have.  Whether it is a paint study, material change or an expansion, we provide several visuals to help with decisions on your direction. 

Art Consultation

Art, graphics and accessories add a layer to the space that gives it personality and presence.  paulaproduct can help you place this cherry on the top.  

Commercial Design

If you have a design problem but do not know if paulaproduct would be the right choice…Let’s chat!

“When I work with a client I always ask them—does your building and its interior welcome your guests and make them feel like you were expecting them? You must design your space like you were anticipating your guest. Ultimately, my service to my client is for their customer.”