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Let's Think Differently Together

Updated: May 9, 2022

My submission won! Thank you, Orion Growth for the challenge and the recognition.

I recently jumped at a design challenge sponsored by Orion, a workplace consulting group. The stated goal was to determine what services, amenities, program requirements and renovations for the main entry floor of an office building would help us all get back. The challenge forced me to consider the psychology and emotional affects this year has had on us. The solution needed to provide innovative ideas to create a safe, productive, and comfortable office building environment.

As a trained designer experienced in creating public spaces and improving how guests/users experience them, I considered social distancing, sanitation, airflow, physical comfort, and aesthetics. I can do this exercise for your commercial building, mixed-use project, and retail destination as well. LET’S THINK DIFFERENTLY TOGETHER!

Click on the link to view the whole case study and get inspiration on some changes you might consider for your commercial property. or download from link below

Download PDF • 3.12MB

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