It Starts with the Foyer...

It's no secret that the foyer sets the expectations for your home when a guest walks through the door. Identifying a color and texture story that is inviting and feels true to your aesthetic is key. paulaproduct can visualize the space's capabilities and advise on the scale of renovation that a homeowner wants to commit to.

The average American spends 400 hours a year in the kitchen. paulaproduct thinks you should love being in your kitchen, whether you like cooking or not. This kitchen renovation manages to be cleaner and more modern while maintaining a hospitable feel. The cabinet and backsplash color change mixed with new warm wood floors and island create more space and let natural light shine.

This particular home started with exterior improvements and has made large and small changes to make the new house feel like home. If you would like to jump-start the design process, contact paulaproduct.

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