Creating A Design Storyboard

When you are about to start designing a space, whether it's a blank room or a space you have been living in for years, can feel daunting or overwhelming. Where do you start and how do you finish?

"A storyboard allows you to put a room together before you actually start decorating, which then gives you the opportunity to see if you’ll be happy with the finished design. It also lets you explore different possibilities before choosing one specific style."

paulaproduct will likely start with the floor plan, sketch, and/or draft and unlock potential space that you may not have envisioned. Once the room is laid out, it's time to consider your style and inspiration.

Bringing your own ideas and expectations is important. Communication is key as you and the team at paulaproduct work through the big pieces and small details.

This visual and tactile record of your dream room allows you to make sure that all aspects of your interior design work together. Contact paulaproduct when you are ready to start!

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